Role of galectin 3 binding protein in cancer progression: a potential novel therapeutic target

Posted: 2021-09-27 19:00:00
The lectin galactoside-binding soluble 3 binding protein (LGALS3BP) is a secreted, hyperglycosylated protein expressed by the majority of human cells. It was first identified as cancer and metastasis associated protein, while its role in innate immune response upon viral infection remains still to be clarified. Since its discovery dated in early 90 s, a large body of literature has been accumulating highlighting both a prognostic and functional role for LGALS3BP in cancer. Moreover, data from our group and other have strongly suggested that this protein is enriched in cancer-associated extracellular vesicles and may be considered a promising candidate for a targeted therapy in LGALS3BP positive cancers. Here, we extensively reviewed the literature relative to LGALS3BP role in cancer and its potential value as a therapeutic target.

参考サイト PubMed: exsome


12月 17, 2019 バイオアソシエイツ

エクソソームが重度の前立腺癌促進伝達因子の送達をしていることが判明。 エクソソーム放出阻害が治療に有用であることが証明された。

ニューロン機能を支援する転写因子は、すでに再発した癌をさらに致命的にする可能性のある前立腺の細胞変換を可能にするようだ。 転写因子BRN4は主に中枢神経系と内耳で発現するが、稀であるが神経内分泌前立腺癌の患者でも増幅され過剰発現する最初の証拠がClinical Cancer Researchジャーナルで公開された。 この論文は「BRN4は去勢抵抗性前立腺癌における神経内分泌分化の新規ドライバーであり、BRN2を含む細胞外小胞で選択的に放出される(BRN4 Is a Novel Driver of…

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