Multifunctional Biomedical Materials Derived from Biological Membranes

Posted: 2021-11-05 19:00:00
The delicate structure and fantastic functions of biological membranes are the successful evolutionary results of a long-term natural selection process. Their excellent biocompatibility and biofunctionality are widely utilized to construct multifunctional biomedical materials mainly by directly camouflaging materials with single or mixed biological membranes, decorating or incorporating materials with membrane-derived vesicles (e.g., exosomes), and designing multifunctional materials with the structure/functions of biological membranes. In this review, we discuss the structure-function relationship of some important biological membranes and biomimetic membranes, such as various cell membranes, extracellular vesicles, and membranes from bacteria and organelles. Selected literature examples of multifunctional biomaterials derived from biological membranes for biomedical applications, such as drug and gene delivery systems, tissue repair scaffolds, bioimaging, biosensors, and biological detection, are also highlighted. These designed materials show excellent properties, such as long circulation time, disease-targeted therapy, excellent biocompatibility, and selective recognition. Finally, perspectives and challenges associated with the clinical applications of biological membrane-derived materials are discussed. biological membrane; biomimetic membrane; Biomedical materials; drug delivery; tissue engineering This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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乳癌患者の中には、腫瘍が手術で取り除かれる前に化学療法を受ける人もいる。 ネオアジュバント療法と呼ばれるこのアプローチは、乳房温存手術を容易にするために腫瘍のサイズを縮小するのを助け、外科医が除去するための癌性細胞をほとんどまたは全く残さずに腫瘍を根絶することさえできる。 そのような場合、患者は手術後の生涯に渡り癌のないまま過ごせる可能性が高い。 しかし、すべての腫瘍が化学療法で縮小するわけではない。…

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