Practice of family-centred care in intensive care units before the COVID-19-pandemic: A cross-sectional analysis in German-speaking countries

Posted: 2021-11-09 20:00:00
Objectives: To provide insights into visiting policies and family-centred care practices with a focus on children as visitors in Intensive Care Units in German-speaking countries. Methods/design: Online-survey with a mixed methods approach. Leading clinicians (n = 1943) from German-speaking countries were invited to participate. Outcomes included the percentage of intensive care units with open visiting policies, age restrictions, family-centred care activities and barriers. Setting: Paediatric, mixed and adult units RESULTS: In total, 19.8% (n = 385) of the clinicians responded. Open visiting times were reported by 36.3% (n = 117), with significant differences between paediatric (79.2%), adult (21.3%) and mixed-age (41.2%) units (p < 0.01). Two-thirds of clinicians stated that their units had no age restrictions for children as visitors (n = 221, 68.4%). The family-centred care activities most frequently implemented were open visiting times and dissemination of information. Significantly more German units have open visiting policies and more Swiss units allow children as visitors, compared to the other countries (both p < 0.001). Barriers to family-centred care were concerns about children being traumatized, infection and workload. Conclusion: The majority reported that family-centred care policies had been implemented in their units, including open visiting policies, allowing children as visitors without age restriction and other family-centred care activities. Keywords: Attitude; Child; Crisis intervention; Critical care; Family; Patient-centered care; Visitors to patients.

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19


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2020年5月8日にCMAJ(Canadian Medical Association Journal)でオンライン公開された多国間の調査によると、気温と緯度は新型コロナウイルス( COVID-19 )の蔓延とは関連していないようだ。しかし学校の閉鎖やその他の公衆衛生対策がプラスの効果をもたらしているという。 この論文は「COVID-19パンデミックに対する気候と公衆衛生の介入の影響:前向きコホート研究(Impact of climate and public health interventions on…

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