Kawasaki Disease- Management Strategies Given Symptoms Overlap to COVID-19: A Review

Posted: 2021-09-11 19:00:00
Kawasaki disease is an acute, self-limiting vasculitis in children. Early treatment is necessary to prevent cardiovascular complications. The acute phase of Kawasaki disease may present with hemodynamic instability. An association between viral respiratory infections and Kawasaki disease has been reported. Studies have shown that Kawasaki and Kawasaki-like disease may be associated with and have symptoms overlapping COVID-19. Children with COVID-19 may present as Kawasaki-like disease with pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome, or macrophage activation syndrome. Clinicians need to be aware of the early diagnosis and management of Kawasaki disease to prevent the development of coronary artery aneurysms. The symptoms overlap of multisystem inflammatory disease seen in COVID-19 adds to the difficulties in timely diagnosis and treatment. Children with Kawasaki disease require regular follow-up plans for coronary artery aneurysms. This adds to the difficulties during the changed environment of COVID-19 for control and prevention. Missed diagnosis and early treatment of Kawasaki disease with immunoglobulin and aspirin results in the development of coronary artery aneurysm in up to 25% of cases, with grave consequences. Here, we briefly review the management of typical and atypical Kawasaki disease which has symptoms overlapping with the multisystem inflammatory disease as seen in COVID-19.

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19


7月 10, 2020 バイオアソシエイツ


2020年6月18日、NIHのディレクターであるFrancis Collins 医学博士は、血液型と重度の COVID-19 のリスクについてブログに投稿した。 本記事は、そのブログの内容に基づいている 。 Collins 博士のブログのタイトルは「遺伝子、血液型は深刻なCOVID-19のリスクに結びついている(Genes, Blood Type Tied to Risk of Severe COVID-19.)」…