COVID-19 infection during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

Posted: 2021-11-17 20:00:00
Declaration of competing interest As non-financial conflicts of interest, Anju Murayama, Drs Ozaki, and Tanimoto have several papers concerning coronavirus disease 2019 and conflicts of interest among Japanese healthcare professionals. As financial conflicts of interest, Drs Ozaki and Tanimoto report receiving personal fees from Medical Network Systems, MNES Inc., outside the scope of the submitted work. In addition, Dr Tanimoto reports personal fees from Bionics Co., Ltd, outside the scope of the submitted work. Dr. Rodriguez-Morales reported being speaker of Abbot Diagnostics and Amgen, outside of the specific area of this manuscript. The remaining authors report no other disclosures. The Medical Governance Research Institute is a non-profit organization that received donations from a dispensing pharmacy company, Ain Pharmacies. However, the Institute's funding sources were not involved in any way in this research.

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19

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2月 19, 2021 バイオアソシエイツ


ミシガン大学ローゲル癌センターとミシガン大学工学部の研究者らは、癌と戦うためのナチュラルキラー免疫細胞の配備という新たな治療法の開発の面で一歩進んでいる。この研究者らは、ナチュラルキラー細胞をキャプチャーし、それらに癌を殺す エクソソーム を放出させる最初の体系的な方法を開発した。…

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