Challenges faced by doctors and nurses in wound care management during the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey and their views on telehealth

Posted: 2021-09-13 19:00:00
Aim: This study aimed to determine the problems faced by physicians and nurses dealing with chronic wound care during the COVID-19 pandemic and their views on telehealth. Materials and methods: A descriptive and cross-sectional design was used in this study. The sample comprised physicians (n = 74) and nurses (n = 271) interested in chronic wound care. Data were collected through a questionnaire form consisting of open- and closed-ended questions. Results: Of the participants, 21.4% (n = 74) were physicians and 78.6% (n = 271) were nurses. Of the physicians, 45.9% (n = 34) were obliged to work in another unit during the COVID-19 period, while 43.2% continued their service related to chronic wound care, and only 17.0% (n = 18) in the wound care service before the pandemic. These rates are 51.3% (n = 139), 51.6% (n = 157) and 36.8% (n = 128) for nurses, respectively. 40.7% of the physicians (n = 33) and 34.9% of the nurses (n = 106) stated that their time had been reduced for chronic wound care. When the telehealth experiences were examined, 32.4% (n = 24) of the physicians utilized telehealth, 29.7% (n = 22) used e-visit, 77.0% (n = 57) stated that they thought telehealth was a good option, 47.3% (n = 35) utilized it for wound evaluation and treatment, and 31.9% (n = 59) used smart phones. These rates for nurses were 16.6% (n = 45), 14.0% (n = 38), 72.7% (n = 197), 33.9% (n = 92), and 27.0% (n = 182), respectively. Conclusions: The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the manner of delivery, duration, and quality of service regarding wound management. During this period, face-to-face contact times with patients were reduced, some diagnosis and treatment attempts were not performed, and wound care services were suspended temporarily or permanently. On the other hand, a positive result was achieved in that the physicians and nurses gave positive feedback for the telehealth experience. Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic; Challenges; Chronic wound management; Doctors; Nurses; Telehealth.

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19


11月 16, 2020 バイオアソシエイツ


COVID-19 のパンデミックは依然として世界中で猛威を振るっているが、アメリカ人類遺伝学会(ASHG)のメンバーは、ウイルスがどのように広がり、人々に感染するか、感受性と重症度に大きなばらつきがある理由を理解し、そして治療の可能性を探すことに取り組んでいる。10月28日水曜日、6人の研究者がASHG 2020仮想年次総会(10月27-30日)で現在のパンデミックに関連するいくつかの最新の研究結果を発表した。この会議には、世界80か国以上から6,000人を超える登録者が参加した。…