A Simple Clinical Prediction Tool for COVID-19 in Primary Care with Epidemiology: Temperature-Leukocytes-CT Results

Posted: 2021-10-06 19:00:00
BACKGROUND Effective identification of patients with suspected COVID-19 is vital for the management. This study aimed to establish a simple clinical prediction model for COVID-19 in primary care. MATERIAL AND METHODS We consecutively enrolled 60 confirmed cases and 152 suspected cases with COVID-19 into the study. The training cohort consisted of 30 confirmed and 78 suspected cases, whereas the validation cohort consisted of 30 confirmed and 74 suspected cases. Four clinical variables - epidemiological history (E), body temperature (T), leukocytes count (L), and chest computed tomography (C) - were collected to construct a preliminary prediction model (model A). By integerizing coefficients of model A, a clinical prediction model (model B) was constructed. Finally, the scores of each variable in model B were summed up to build the ETLC score. RESULTS The preliminary prediction model A was Logit (YA)=2.657X₁+1.153X₂+2.125X₃+2.828X₄-10.771, while the model B was Logit (YB)=2.5X₁+1X₂+2X₃+3X₄-10. No significant difference was found between the area under the curve (AUC) of model A (0.920, 95% CI: 0.875-0.953) and model B (0.919, 95% CI: 0.874-0.952) (Z=0.035, P=0.972). When ETLC score was more than or equal to 9.5, the sensitivity and specificity for COVID-19 was 76.7% (46/60) and 90.1% (137/152), respectively, and the positive and negative predictive values were 75.4% (46/61) and 90.7% (137/151), respectively. CONCLUSIONS The ETLC score is helpful for efficiently identifying patients with suspected COVID-19.

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19

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5月 21, 2021 バイオアソシエイツ


COVID-19 の原因ウイルスであるSARS-CoV-2がどのようにして脳に伝播するかについて、新しい研究結果が発表された。この研究は、COVID-19の患者に報告されている驚くべき神経症状の数々や、重篤な神経症状に見舞われる患者と全く見舞われない患者がいる理由を説明するのに役立つ。研究者らは、SARS-CoV-2が、我々の脳を動かす神経細胞(ニューロン)と、ニューロンを支え、保護する脳や脊髄の細胞(アストロサイト)の両方に感染する可能性があるという証拠を報告している。…

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