A cross-sectional analysis of meteorological factors and SARS-CoV-2 transmission in 409 cities across 26 countries

Posted: 2021-10-14 19:00:00
There is conflicting evidence on the influence of weather on COVID-19 transmission. Our aim is to estimate weather-dependent signatures in the early phase of the pandemic, while controlling for socio-economic factors and non-pharmaceutical interventions. We identify a modest non-linear association between mean temperature and the effective reproduction number (Re) in 409 cities in 26 countries, with a decrease of 0.087 (95% CI: 0.025; 0.148) for a 10 °C increase. Early interventions have a greater effect on Re with a decrease of 0.285 (95% CI 0.223; 0.347) for a 5th - 95th percentile increase in the government response index. The variation in the effective reproduction number explained by government interventions is 6 times greater than for mean temperature. We find little evidence of meteorological conditions having influenced the early stages of local epidemics and conclude that population behaviour and government interventions are more important drivers of transmission.

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19


2月 10, 2021 バイオアソシエイツ


シカゴにあるラッシュ大学医療センターの新研究で、マウスの COVID-19 モデルに鼻からペプチドを導入したところ、効果を示したという。 このペプチドは、発熱を抑え、肺を保護し、心臓機能を改善し、「サイトカインストーム」(感染が免疫系を誘発して炎症性タンパク質で血流を溢れさせる状態)を逆転させるのに効果的であることが証明された。この研究者らはまた、病気の進行を防ぐことに成功したと報告している。2021年1月11日にJournal of Neuroimmune…

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