2020 COVID-19 lockdown and the impacts on air quality with emphasis on urban, suburban and rural zones

Posted: 2021-10-30 19:00:00
Air quality improvements pollution changes due to COVID-19 restrictions have been reported for many urban developments and large metropolitan areas, but the respective impacts at rural and remote zones are less frequently analysed. This study evaluated air pollution changes across all Portugal (68 stations) considering all urban, suburban and rural zones. PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, ozone was analysed in pre-, during, and post-lockdown period (January-May 2020) and for a comparison also in 2019. NO2 was the most reduced pollutant in 2020, which coincided with decreased traffic. Significant drop (15-71%) of traffic related NO2 was observed specifically during lockdown period, being 55% for the largest and most populated region in country. PM was affected to a lesser degree (with substantial differences found for largely populated areas (Lisbon region ~ 30%; North region, up to 49%); during lockdown traffic-related PM dropped 10-70%. PM10 daily limit was exceeded 50% less in 2020, with 80% of exceedances before lockdown period. SO2 decreased by 35%, due to suspended industrial productions, whereas ozone concentrations slightly (though not significantly) increased (83 vs. 80 µg m-3).

参考サイト PubMed: covid-19

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Gilead Sciences社は、世界の保健当局と緊密に協力して、調査用化合物「Remdesivir(レムデシビル)」(画像)の実験的使用を通じ、新型コロナウイルス( COVID-19 )に対応していることを報告した。米国食品医薬品局(FDA)、疾病対策センター(CDC)、保健福祉省(DHHS)、米国立アレルギー感染症研究所(NIAID)、国防総省(DoD)- CBRN Medical、中国CDCおよび国家医療製品管理局(NMPA)、世界保健機関(WHO)、そして個々の研究者と臨床医と共同して、Gilead…

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